What Are the Rules of Giant Jenga?

Giant Jenga is a newer game that has only been around for a few years. This is not the boring table top game you may be thinking of. Some people may think it is a little dangerous with kids around due to the size so special caution should be taken with little ones playing. But for adults, it is fun to play during backyard parties and even as a drinking game.

Here we are going to go over how to play Giant Jenga. This will include set up, how to play and some extra tips to make the game that much more exciting.

How To Play Giant Jenga

Step 1

Before you can play, you will need to make a Giant Jenga set. It not hard to do and you can have it done in a day.

Step 2

Gather all pieces of wood and stack like a regular Jenga game. On a hard surface, lay 3 boards log ways with no gaps. On top of those, lay 3 more boards laying the opposite direction. Repeat until you have used all the boards and you have a complete "stack".

Step 3

Pick the order players will go. This can be done by age, height or any way the group decides. It is important to stay in this rotation throughout the game.

Step 4

Starting with the first player, remove any board that is at least 3 deep from the top. Only one hand can be touching the stack at once. Later in the game, a player may need/want to "steady or adjust the stack". This can only be done using one hand during your turn.

Step 5

Once the board is removed, replace it on top of the stack going against the top boards. This will keep the back and forth of the wood. After it is confirmed that the stack is not going to topple, the next player starts their turn.

Step 6

Whomever topples the tower looses the game. It is customary that the looser re-stacks for the next game.

Tips and Extra Fun

Make it a rule that every player needs to keep a drink in their hand. This helps the one hand at a time rule. It also keeps everyone well "hydrated".

Mark some of the blocks with dares or surprises. One couple be "you stack next game", run around the house or even chug the drink in your hand.Stain or paint the boards. This needs to be done with cation so boards do not become sticky.



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