What Can Be Made Out of Banana?




Introduction: What Can Be Made Out of Banana?


Step 1: To Do a Gummy Banana Jello You Need!

What you will need :
- 3 banana,
- gelatin of kiwi (70g) + boiled water (300ml)
- gelatin of orange (70g) + boiled water (300ml)
- gelatin of raspberries (70g) + boiled water (300ml)
- knife, scissors and scotch.

Step 2: In This Instructables I Show You How to Make Gummy Banana Jello - Is an Easy Recipe for Everyone.

Step 3: If You Want to Know How to Make Gummy Banana With Taste of Kiwi, Orange and Raspberries - Just Follow My Video Cooking Tutorial Step by Step!

Step 4: This Instructables Is a Life Hack Very Cool!!!!

Step 5: Pours Jello Into an Empty Banana Peel and You Will Need Some Sort of Brace to Hold the Bananas in Place.

Once the bananas are filled, place them in the refrigerator to cool.

Step 6: Try My Recipe Gummy Banana and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Fruit and Jello, Is So Much Fun!!!!



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    5 Discussions

    good job


    2 years ago

    It can be made of Banana :)

    very clever trick with banana peels+scotch tape! anything can be used for jello moulds! Good job!


    2 years ago

    Ha ha... when you mentioned "scotch" in the "What you need..." I thought you meant alcohol scotch. Glad I kept scrolling to see all the steps. These look like a fun idea for picnics or an April Fool's-type joke, thanks for sharing. You've earned my vote.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your appreciation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx thx thx!!! ))))