What Can Be Made Out of Plastic Bottle Lids


Introduction: What Can Be Made Out of Plastic Bottle Lids

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Step 1: I Show How to Modify a Plastic Bottle Cap Into a Nozzle.

The plastic bottle cap is heated up over a lighter until it becomes malleable and can stretch.

Step 2: A Toothpick Is Then Pushed Into the Bottom of the Cap Creating a Funnel Shape Sticking Out.

The tip can be cut off higher or lower on the funnel creating the desired diameter of the hole.
This is a very easy project and only requires plastic bottle caps, pliers, wood/metal skewer, scissors, and a candle or lighter. It can be used as a cap for glue, sauce and more.

Step 3: Don’t Forget Those Bottle Caps! You Can’t Recycled Them in Most Cities, But You Can Reuse Them in All Kinds of Fun Craft Projects.

Step 4: Good Luck!!!!!!!



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    I love the first one. I do have small plants on a window sill that are difficult to water. I can't wait to make it!

    A curious use of internal circlip pliers :D

    May I ask what exactly is the point of making a seperate Instructable for something that you've covered in a different Instructable?

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    (Other than the fact that this isn't even your own original content, And you didn't even credit the original author...)