What Every Chrome Browser Needs

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These are some extensions and applications that every chrome user needs to have.

Step 1: AdBlock

Now if you don't know about ad-block, I don't know where the hell you've been. As the name suggests, it simply removes ads from a webpage, and if you ever need to see the ad's on a page, an easy menu on the top right can guide you :-). Get it Here!

Step 2: Google Dictionary

Ever wanted to check out what something was without having to open a new tab and Google "Define: word". Well Google dictionary allows you to select a word and instantly have a pop-up giving you its definition! It also ad's a nice tile on the top to open and instant Google a word. Best part yet, if you you select a famous name, company or place it will give you that as well! This is a definite must! Get it Here!

I recommend you set it to show definitions when you double click a word (which auto-selects the entire word) or when you Shift-Select which allows for selection for a phrase

Step 3: Gmail Offline

A cool, trendy way to check mails while allowing your to view your mail offline! Gmail offline is free, takes 2 seconds to install and allows me to easily manage 4 gmail accounts at the touch of my finger, without having to spend five minutes waiting for gmail to load, when all I want to do is check details in my previous mail! Get it Here!

Step 4: Wikipedia for Desktop

Thank you God. That's all I'm going to say. Faster than Wikipedia and 5 times sexier. Get it Here!

Step 5: Google Keep

I reminded my self to make this instructable on Google Keep. It's the easiest way to organize checklists and reminders.

  • Looks good: Check.
  • Efficient: Check.
  • Works on my Phone and Laptop: Check.
  • Worth Buying: Check.
  • Costs Money: ...........

Get it Here!

Step 6: My Chrome Theme

Now I can decide what my Chrome Browser Looks like when I open it.... Huh. Get It Now!



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