What Is an IR Proximity Sensor?

Introduction: What Is an IR Proximity Sensor?

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So what is an IR proximity sensor? A ir proximity sensor is a sensor that transmits IR light and Receives it when an object is near. How do i make it work? You make it work by connecting to an arduino and adjusting the two potentionometers.

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Step 1: Program the Arduino Board

Download the code Here

This is the code I used:

void setup() {

Serial.println("Started"); }

void loop() {




Step 2: Connect Your Sensor

The + on the sensor goes to 5v on the arduino, gnd goes to gnd, and out goes to A0, simple really

Now when you hold your hand in front of it the second led should come on and when your lift your hand it will go off.

In the serial port the readings from the sensor were:





10 (when my hand was infront of it)




Step 3: Use It

there are so many uses for this: door alarm, window alarm, distance measure, robot stopper, and so much more

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