What Is Needle Felting?




Introduction: What Is Needle Felting?

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Hi guys! This is my first instructable, & I am so excited! I've always loved crafting, and when I was in camp last year, I learned how to make little things out of wool, really quick and really cute! So now I'm gonna show you how to do it!

Step 1: Materials

Things you'll need:

- a felting needle

- a small foam pad (any kind, but better as a felting foam pad)

- assorted needle felting wool packets
(In this case, we're making nothing in

Step 2: Basic Felting

Basically, needle felting is the simple motion of stabbing wool with a needle repeatedly. What this does is the needle has special bristles that tangle the fibers of the wool. In other words, the needle gets the wool tangled together so it gets hard. You can also attach the wool the same way. Be careful not to poke your fingers!up, down, up, down, don't stop till it's hard!

Step 3: Assemble Parts

Adding things together is simply a matter of placing one thing on top of the other and poking them. And detail is done the same way, but do not use a lot of wool on detail, because it gets buried inside the rest.

Step 4: Finished!

Now I hope you know how to needle felt, if not leave a comment & I'll get back to that! :)



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    This rocks I love it

    Hey it's me I love you tutorial it's awesome

    Shout me out momoluv!!:)

    They cost about $20 for a pad, 2 needles, and about 8 wool packets :)

    This is awesome! How much do materials usually cost? Also LOVE the turtle!

    Hey curly gurly it's little squash ha like ur master peice


    3 years ago

    always wondered how it was done. Sooo cute by the way.

    Welcome to instructables! I love your little turtle he's SO cute! Not to mention all of your information about needle felting is very well put together.