What to Do in Summer When Your Bored

Everyone looks forward to summer. For some it means camps, or vacations. But for some (like me) it means sitting on the couch watching tv. If your sick of spending your time off being lazy, then try these fun, easy ideas for kids and adults .

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Step 1: Pick a Category

The first step to get off the couch and into anything else is picking what kind of fun you want to have. For example, unless there is a pool available, I prefer to stay inside doing crafts.

Step 2: Look at Your Options

Now look at your options. I have categorized the ideas I came up with.
ALONE (Inside)
TOGETHER (inside)
•TALK!(it's an important skill)
•Reading(fun to do anywhere)
•People watch
•Contest(cartwheeling for example)
•Local event
•SHOPPING!!(another important skill)

Step 3: HAVE FUN!

If I missed something that you do when you're bored in the summer, comment bellow. And remember, if all else fails then give in and be a couch potato for a day.

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    4 years ago

    go fishing, solo or group activity


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Sit down with your parents and make a "To Do " list. That will give you constructive things to help out with which will make you feel much better about yourself because you are using your time to contribute to the overall well being of your family and also will help you to understand that you are a functioning part of that group instead of just someone who lives there. People who center their lives on helping others are never bored. People who's lives are centered around themselves are always bored