What to Do With Extra Balsa

Introduction: What to Do With Extra Balsa

About: I love my hobbies like model planes , remote control vehicles, guitars and more. I love building things and making models. I like to work with wood and remote control parts.i like to paint and draw.

You have a ton of extra balsa wood from a school project or a model exe. What do you do with it? It's just taking space and collecting dust. I'm here to help out.

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Step 1: Good Idea

Come up with a craft or a project to do. For example a model plane or a bridge are pretty fun.

Step 2: Balsa Wood Formats

What you make depends on what shape or size if balsa that you have. Skinny strips of balsa are great for bridges and making frames. Wide pieces or sheets are really great for building model houses and three dimensional shapes. You can also make gliders which are really fun

Step 3: Tips

When you build with balsa wood I recommend epoxy glue , super glue , wood glue and cement. If you plan to paint the wood pretty much any thing works pretty good. I really like balsa for building thing because it is light strong and cheap. You can look at my other instructable on how to build an I pod stand out of the wood.

Step 4: Complete

Thanks a lot for looking at my instructable. Please give me any feedback on it and have a good day. ; D

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    Bill WW
    Bill WW

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice bridge you built. Good application of the gusset reinforcements where several structural members meet at the top chord.


    5 years ago

    It's kinda crappy. I'm working on a betterine