What to Get Your Boyfriend

Introduction: What to Get Your Boyfriend

Shopping for my boyfriend is one of the absolute hardest things I have ever done. Hopefully this instructable will give you some ideas or help inspire anything else! If you have any more ideas feel free to comment!

Step 1: Think Geek

If you're super geeky and nerdy like me and my boyfriend or maybe not so much, thinkgeek.com is probably one of my absolute favorite websites. It has literally everything a nerd could even ask for!

Step 2: Sweaters

If you're like me, your boyfriend probably needs a sweater for him to actually wear. Now this can definitely vary. Even a basic sweater (just a solid sweater) or something as different as a galaxy sweater (which will be one of my gifts this year because he had mentioned that). This is entirely up to you. You know your boyfriend the best so you know what he'll like!

Step 3: Music

Your boyfriend probably loves music! This can also vary. You can get him an iTunes card or even his favorite singers cd (mine keeps saying how excited he is for the timberlake album). An other idea I really like is getting him earphones or headphones. These can vary in price. If you're into the name brand stuff it will probably be pretty expensive but if you're like me (I got ear pollution headphones for myself for about $30) it won't be so bad!

Step 4: Phone Products

My guy is on his phone pretty much 24/7 so phone accessories is probably a good idea for him or anyone else like him. One of my favorite gifts that I got him is a solar powered charger, I know it sounds random but he loves it and you can also find some for pretty cheap. An easier route to go may be a phone case! If he doesn't have a phone case or has been looking at one go ahead and buy him one of those! He would love it!

Step 5: Zombie Survival Kit

This works for some but not for others but I always loved this idea. I seriously am in love with this idea.

Step 6: Desert!

Just make him something! Everyone loves sweets! He will love anything you make but just to make it more fun make it into something he loves! The examples I have are games that he loves! Mine craft and Pokemon! You can find this on instructables by searching "Pokemon" and "mine craft!"

Step 7: "Initial Shadow Block"

I know I've done a bad job of tagging the people who made the mine craft and Pokemon cakes but I'm just going to do that one more time. I absolutely love this idea! It's just a cool little block that if you shine a light on it it will reflect the initials on the wall! I'm not skilled in wood making nor do have the equipment so I made my own out of clay! But I do have to warn you this one is work! You can find the person who made this by searching "initial shadow block" I believe

Step 8: Your Ideas? Please Comment!

Don't fret! I will add some more ideas as I come up with them but this is all for now! I hope I have helped you in any way so you don't go through quite as much as I have!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 8

    Love the zombie survival kit haha. Thats great!


    6 years ago on Step 8

    just one suggestion: Tools. If he doesn't like tools, find a new boyfriend lol


    6 years ago

    As a guy, the only things on this list I agree with are music and food. Girls, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach