What You Need Inside a Rabbit Cage




It is good to know what you need inside a rabbit cage

First: you need a big cage like mine, or you can buy or make a rabbit condo.

Step 1: Food Bowl

1 food bowl ( I put vitakraft pellets inside )

Step 2: A Hay Rack

I have the instructions on how to make one, you just need to search on instructables " small pet hay rack "

Step 3: Wood Chew

This is for dogs but my rabbit like throwing it around his cage and biting it hard.

Step 4: Water Bow

Make sure the water is cold because it is in the summer. And you also need to put vitamins in the water. You can look at the picture that the water is green, it is because of the vitamins.

Step 5: A Mineral Lick

Mine is in the shape of an apple, and as you can see my rabbit chews and scratches it.

Step 6: A Rabbit Mat

I made it out of cardboard and made it look like a rabbit with the extra cardboard.

Step 7: A Hiding House

I made it out of a shoe box and it has 2 openings.

Step 8: A Litter Box

I just put his leaves, hay and some strips of news paper.There is no poo in the litter box in the moment since I just cleaned it.

Step 9: Toys

I have two toys:

1. Wood chew
2. Plastic balls that make noise on top of his litter box



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I think you should get a dog pen for an extension so it can be bigger or you could get a dog tent for not much money.

    P.S. Your rabbit is so cute.

    Rabbits R us

    4 years ago

    I checked , the size is ok for the rabbit, actually up close in real life it is really big and plus I am planning to make it bigger.


    4 years ago

    Thats an animal! Its not enough room. If you don't have enough room, you should not have one.

    Its just my opinion but maby you think about it.