What Do the Letters and Numbers Mean on a Canon Lens

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The Canon web-site explains this in detail, but here goes...

    EF - Means that it is the newer autofocus series of lenses that fit Canon digital or film cameras built since 1986.

    EF-S - Means that it fits the latest 1.6X digital cameras, but will not fit the full-frame digital or film cameras.

    L - Means "Luxury" that it has better glass or better construction (or both) than the average lenses. These are Canon's premium professional grade lenses.

    USM - Means that it has an ultrasonic focusing motor, fast and silent focusing.

    IS - Mans that it has image stabilization, primarily used on telephoto lenses or zooms that reach into the telephoto range.

    Is there anything else?