Intro to Hornets + Basic Shotgun Ammo

Introduction: Intro to Hornets + Basic Shotgun Ammo

Paper hornets come in all shapes and sizes, and many have different aerodynamics and weight. If you have been to middle school, you probably have heard of these. Some have different names. Wasps, V-bombs, stingers, hornets, paper pellets, tweeters, or birdies, but all of them share the same basic guidelines:

and Material.

I will show you how to make two of the best acting "Shotgun" hornets you can stack on top of eachother.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Strong rubber band. This is essential to fire your paper hornets effectively.
2. Sticky Notes
3. Paper strips
4. Scissors

Step 2: Paper Hornet #1

1. Cut your paper strips. About 1 inch wide (2cm wide).
2. Fold vertically.
3. Fold horizontally.
4. Fold in a "V".

Now you're done!

Step 3: Paper Hornet #2

1. Get your note.
2. Fold vertically, sticky side up.
3. Fold again, sticky side still showing.
4. Fold again, attaching the sticky side back onto the rest of the note.
5. Fold the paper into a "V".

You are now completely finished with the two hornets! These are great room-clearing hornets, and have a lot of spread. You can also make hornets that shatter apart from each other, which I will elaborate on later.

Visibility: 5/5
Power: 2-3/5
Accuracy: 1-2/5

Step 4: Firing

As shown in the 1st picture of this instructable, the paper hornet should be pulled back once it is closed onto the rubber band. Once you pull back, the rubber band will build up tension, and when it releases, all of that potential energy is released, sending your little paper hornet whizzing through the air! Have fun! More advanced hornets will be introduced soon!

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    4 Discussions

    Wolf chaser
    Wolf chaser

    5 years ago

    Can you show us how to make any different types?

    Hey thanks mate. So you will be showing us how to make different types of hornets or wasps we call the at my school in Australia?


    6 years ago

    I roll up the paper instead of folding it, plus you can add in a bent paperclip to add a bit more sting to your opposing warrior