What Is the Best Way to Decorate a Small and Festive Christmas Tree?

Introduction: What Is the Best Way to Decorate a Small and Festive Christmas Tree?


A miniature Christmas tree is a great way to make a small room more festive. These Christmas trees are perfect for a child's bedroom or an area that is small. The trees are easy to decorate, very lightweight and perfect for nightstands, hotel rooms, and RVs. These little trees can keep you in the Christmas spirit where ever you go. This 2 foot tall noble spruce Christmas tree can be purchased at Target for just $4. 

These instructions will explain how to decorate a small and festive Christmas tree.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed

1.  One 2 foot noble spruce artificial tree
2.  One tree skirt for miniature tree can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4.99
3.  One pack of 100 count mini Christmas lights 24.7 feet long (any color)
4.  Twenty to thirty various miniature ornaments (mine were purchased at Hobby Lobby and some were homemade)
5.  One tree topper (mine was purchased at Hobby Lobby)

Around Christmas time, Hobby Lobby's Christmas items are half off so they are definitely the place to shop.  

Step 2: Step One

Carefully slide the tree out of the box.

Step 3: Step Two

Fluff the tree branches by separating them outwardly. Make the branches look like a real tree as much as possible.

Note: be sure the top branch is vertical so that the tree topper can be easily attached later.

Step 4: Step Three

Drape the lights around the tree. Make sure to space the lights as evenly as possible.

Step 5: Step Four

Move the tree to your desired location and plug in to a nearby power outlet.

Step 6: Step Five

Add ornaments. For best results place them on the tree evenly apart. If the ornaments are too close together they will start to look cluttered so take a few off if that happens. If you don't have enough ornaments you can always make some! I have some homemade reindeer ornaments.

Step 7: Step Six

Add the tree skirt by wrapping the skirt around the base of the tree. Attach the two velcro strips located on the bottom of the skirt. 

Step 8: Step Seven.

A tree is not complete with out a tree topper. A tree topper is placed on the top of your tree using your top branch that sticks straight up carefully slide it onto this branch. Tree toppers come in many shapes and sizes. I chose a snowflake. 

Step 9: Conclusion

Your tree is now complete once you have completed steps 1-8. By following these steps you will have a festive and nicely decorated Christmas tree ideal for a small room.

Your completed tree should look similar to the picture below. 

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