Toilet Seat With Cup Holder

Introduction: Toilet Seat With Cup Holder

Is it a "SIX"?
Is it a "NINE"?

Oh no, it's a toilet seat!  

(the credits go to the Bertus).



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    Nice idea! ...but ...but WHY???!! are a really weird guy! :D

    Er, if you're in there so long you need a cup-holder, I think you need more fibre in your diet...

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    BTW,  I saw in your profile that you like real beer (not lager), so this instructable is for you! (see my answer to SicilanMafia)

    Nicely made but  would retitle your slideshow...

    My initial response was going to be "shouldn't this be in answers?" then I saw the toilet pic and read the description.

    Again nicely done but I would change the title if I were you :)