What to Do If Charger Doesn't See 18650 Li-ion Battery

Introduction: What to Do If Charger Doesn't See 18650 Li-ion Battery

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What to do if the battery doesn't charge, charger doesn't see the battery for 2 reasons: low voltage on it or triggered thermal protection.

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Step 1: Measure the Voltage on the Battery

Step 2: If the Battery Has at Least Some Voltage.The Battery Can Be Put in Parallel With Another Working Battery.

10 seconds will be enough.

Step 3: Еhe Voltage on the Battery Has Increased, Now You Can Try to Put It on Charge.

But if the charger does not react again, the operation must be repeated

Step 4: And Repeat Until the Battery Starts Charging

Step 5: If the Battery Voltage Is 0, Thermal Protection Has Tripped

Step 6: the Membrane Under the Positive Contact Arched From the Pressure Inside the Battery

Step 7: After Returning the Membrane Back, the Battery Has Came to Life

Step 8: Then You Need to Do the First Operation and Now the Battery Is Working

Step 9:

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