What to Do When Your Bored


Introduction: What to Do When Your Bored

About: I like tech and art. I am also into gaming and lego! If you have questions I'll be happy to help you! I also use loads of exclamation marks in my instructables So watch out for those!!!!!!!!! (Like those ones)

This will definitely help you when you are bored if not I am so making another instructable.

Step 1: Illusions

These will keep you busy for a while.if not continue.

Step 2: Memes!!!!!

Ofcourse ya dum dum memes!

Step 3: Annoy People!

Just keep poking the victim until they react.its the ultimate entertainment! Muhahahahahaha!

Step 4: Prank Calls

I only know one: call dominos pizza and say: hello is this dominos? They will probably say: yes it is.
You say:what's the number to Pizza Hut? And hear their reaction.

You come up with others and tell me.

Step 5: I Hope This Helped You If Not I Am So Making Another Instructable!



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    11 Discussions

    Plz i already did most of this and im dying here

    When I'm bored I playing video and online games from 777spinslot to Dota2 and League of Legends

    ok I'll make a drawing instruct able to keep you busy

    what else is there im bored all the time

    got any ideas for another?

    are you commenting on EVERYTHING!

    Hey Crazy pigeon!! It's NINAloveW!!! Love this instructable!!!

    I know right it's the ultimate entertainment especially with siblings!

    I poke people when I'm bored