What to Do With That Broken Water Bottle

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Intro: What to Do With That Broken Water Bottle

Hey, mountain men, Although advertised indestructible, Nalgene water bottles eventually break. But that's okay, because if you mail them a picture of your water bottle and a receipt, they'll send you a brand new one. That also leaves open the question, "what do I do with my old one?" I didn't want to throw mine away (it has been through everything I have and more and has faithfully stayed intact by my side the whole time, I respect it more than that), so I turned it into something useful: a stylish and sentimental pencil/tool holder for my desk.

Step 1: What Happened

This is how my water bottle looked before I transformed it.

Step 2: Hot Glue

Use hot glue to glue the lid upside-down onto the mouth of the water bottle to create a stable base. I only glued on the inside of the mouth to make it look cleaner.

Step 3: One Last Touch

I have this travel towel from IKEA that came with this puny little wash-cloth thing for some reason. I figured I would never use it, so I stuffed I into the water bottle to help prop up the tools so they weren't so deep in the bottle.

Step 4: Done!

Now fill it up with tools, pencils, and whatever else. Enjoy!



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