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If you've finished this class and you're itching for projects, check out the bottom of the main Embroidery Class page for more!

Pictured above are some of my favorites:

  • Electronic embroidery // if plain embroidery isn't doing it for you, why not try adding some LEDs and sewing with conductive thread? Free pattern included, too!
  • Undersea sampler embroidery pattern // pattern and step-by-step photo instructions to learn a few new stitches.
  • Legend of Zelda embroidery patterns // if you enjoyed the satin stitch, here's a simple set of patterns to practice it further.
  • How to do freestyle weaving // this is a fantastic technique to try next if you loved making the woven spider wheel flowers.
  • How to sand embroidery hoops // if you find that you start selling your embroideries, sanding your hoops will give them the best look and feel for your customers. Even for yourself!
  • Rainbow scarf sampler // this instructable would be a great project to learn new stitches. Try out the stitches the author covers and add some of your favorites, too.

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Step 1: Additional Embroidery Resources

As always, Pinterest is an amazing resource for free patterns, tutorials, and technique walkthroughs. You can browse embroidery tutorials for days on there!

I have a board of embroidery ideas and my own personal embroidery art if you'd like to see what I'm pinning. :)

It's also a great idea to buy some books of new stitches. Check out Amazon's best sellers in embroidery books and grab a few! There is really no end to learning about embroidery - you could do a new stitch every day for a year and still have more than enough left to figure out. :)

Step 2: Browse Embroidery on Instagram

The embroidery community on Instagram is 100% fantastic. The work is inspiring, the people are lovely, and I never tire of it. I spend a huge amount of time browsing my favorite embroidery feeds using hashtags!

Here are a few of my favorite embroidery feeds:

There are loads of talented stitchers out there, so why not get some inspiration? :D

Instagram is also a wonderful way to market a handmade business. If you find you love embroidery so much that you end up opening an Etsy or Handmade at Amazon shop, check out my "How to Promote Your Business on Instagram" instructable for more information!

Step 3: Share Your Own Embroidery Instructable!

Here at Instructables, we wouldn't be nearly as awesome without our authors! If you come up with a pattern you love, or a stitch you can't stop doing, why not share it with the Instructables community?

I'll be sharing additional embroidery projects as time goes on, too! Join me and teach your fellow stitchers a thing or two. :D

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