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If you've finished the class and you're itching to try something else, use this lesson for inspiration!

Instructables has an amazing variety of hand sewing projects, so there's really no shortage of stuff to tackle next! However, that also leads to another issue: information overload. It can be hard to figure out which projects to choose!

To help you sew more awesome things faster, I've scoured the site and collected some of the best documented hand sewing projects we've got. If you head to the main class page and scroll to the bottom, there are loads of hand sewing projects, sewing resources and sewing techniques for you to move on to once you've completed the class.

I should also be sewing up some new projects to add to the list, too. :)

The photo above shows some of my favorite hand sewing projects here on Instructables:

Step 1: Additional Hand Sewing Resources

I love Pinterest and use it all the time to keep track of my crafting projects and ideas. I highly recommend checking out my sewing, clothing and quilting boards for tons of sewing tutorials. I'm always adding more pins! :D

In addition to Pinterest, here's a list of sites I love with great sewing tutorials!

  • Future Girl // craft blog with tons of tutorials for sewing - clear photos and great explanations!
  • The Colette Blog // while mostly focused on clothing, lots of great tips for finishing projects with hand sewing.
  • Tilly and the Buttons // if you're interesting in sewing clothes, this is a great site! Loads of basic patternmaking and sewing tutorials.
  • Purl Soho // they've got an amazingly beautiful page of sewing tutorials. Lots of modern accessories and household projects!
  • Martha Stewart // the queen of craft! Can't make a list without her presence.
  • Sew Mama Sew // free patterns and tutorials galore!

Step 2: Publish Your Own Instructable!

Instructables gets its content from people just like you! If you find that you enjoy hand sewing and start making your own patterns and projects, you should share your work with us. :D

Publishing an instructable is easy! Check out my guide to publishing a great instructable and then click here to get writing.

Once you've published an instructable, you may be able to enter it into a Contest! Check out our Contest page to learn more and see the contests we're running right now. Contests are a great way to win more tools and supplies to make things.



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