What to Do in a Car Crash




Intro: What to Do in a Car Crash

So you just got in a car crash or accident. What do you do next?

After the initial shock wears off, and you gather your wits, take a look at your surroundings. Were you hit by another car? Are you the only one involved in the accident? Are there any pedestrians involved?

Step 1: Collecting Witnesses

The first thing to do (after making sure you're physically okay yourself) is to look for witnesses. If you're not physically okay, the rest of this Instructable probably won't help you much. Usually, the people around the accident see this as a minor inconvenience, and will drive around you to continue along their way. This is a crucial time, as anyone who can corroborate your story later will be a big help. Stop the drivers politely, ask what they saw, and get their contact information.

Step 2: Collecting Evidence & Information

Do not move the vehicles yet. Take some pictures if you can (even cell phone pictures are useful!) of the scene from different angles. These may come in handy later when explaining the accident to police, insurance, etc. Now you may or may not clear the road for other motorists.

Next, inspect the damage done your your vehicle and other vehicles (if applicable). Depending on your local law, certain amounts of damage do not need to be reported to the police, and can be settled without police involvement. In Toronto, where I'm from, any damage exceeding $1000 requires a police report.

At this point, whether or not you decide to settle with insurance or not, be sure to collect information. Get the drivers' names, addresses, driver's license numbers, and insurance information of all parties involved. If one of the motorists is honest and claims to be at fault, have them write down a statement on a piece of paper, and sign it. Make sure each person involved gets a copy of this.

Step 3: After the Fact

Now, you should proceed accordingly to your local by-laws or as you see fit. Find out where the nearest collision reporting centre or police station is, if you choose to file a report and claim through insurance. If you choose to settle outside of insurance, then good luck! Your results may vary.

I have been involved in 3 accidents where I have not been at fault, two of them involving multiple vehicles, and by following these procedures, have always had my repairs taken care of by other insurance companies without paying my deductible, and with no negative impact on my premiums.

Usually, in a multi-vehicle accident. most of the vehicles will absorb some of the fault, but if you can keep your mind clear and document the situation properly, then you will come out on top!

Good luck, and drive safe!



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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago

    Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!


    Just stumbled on this ible, and I think this is useful for first time drivers. No matter how careful you are, accidents are bound to happen and most through no fault of yours.

    Another thing about taking pictures: take some pictures that shows the entire scene e.g. where the vehicles are in relation to the road, the lanes, the curb, etc. it helps show right of way, items on the road that might have influenced the accident, etc.

    Another thing that may not have been popular a few years ago: dashcams. Most are cheap and easily bought online. Invest in a good one. You may not even have to speak on what happens. Just show them the video!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You might want to mention that if you are in an accident with someone, be sure to never claim fault at the scene of the accident. It is easy to come out of the car and say "Oh no I didn't see you that was all my fault..." Be sure that does not happen. Remain calm and don't start getting road rage either.