Simple Custom Made Bird Quilt- Birds N Stars

Introduction: Simple Custom Made Bird Quilt- Birds N Stars

I found this bird material at the store and had no idea what to do with it but I had to have it. Finally after weeks of it sitting on my cutting table the pattern started to unfold onto paper. All I needed was the right accent color to set it off. I chose purple and black with yellow stars as lattice. All seam allowances are 1/4".

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Step 1:

Here is one of my projects that is made from that had to have material just because you could not take your eyes off it. I have included my drawing to give you an idea of how easy it is to make your own design for a custom made quilt. You will also notice it was created in sections to make assembly easy. I used stars and lattice to draw away from those lines of division. I love quilts that are symetrical and have odd repetion. I also keep things in mind as far as placement of patches as for where the pillows will set and where the edge of bed will be so the border will hang square with the bed. This is truely customized work for my home. You can also achive this with simple patches, a tape measure, and a little planning.

Step 2: Making the Stars in the Lattice.

This is the simpliest way I have ever made points and it worked out perfectly. Notice how the edges of the square lines up. Simply stitch on the inner line (corner to corner- one corner ending exactly in the middle of your strip 1/4 inch in from edge) after sewing cut off extra leaving 1/4 inch allowance and press, do not iron it will stretch your triangle and ruin the look. Practice on scrap first till you get the centering exact. No one likes to take OUT a seam.

Step 3:

I pieced this one from side to side in rows matching seams and stretching as I needed for things to line up. I did rotary cut but you never get every piece perfect. Once I had my top completed I sandwiched it together with pins (over 600) and used two 5 foot folding tables side by side to save my knees.These tables come in very handy for other things besides my quilting too. I usually use spray adhesive but I did not want to leave the glue on the quilt  since I was hand quilting this one, it will take awhile to do this.  I do not have a picture of the quilt completed since I am still hand quilting it. I am folding over the binding from the back. Finished size will be for a king size bed. Don't ever be afraid to buy that material that you adore you WILL find a use for it, lol.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Absolutely gorgeous and I love the way you worked the fabrics!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I can see why you had to have the fabric, it's gorgeous. You should put the image of the finished quilt (the last picture in step 2 looks great) in the intro step so you can see it in the thumbnail.