How to Crochet With Plastic Bags




Introduction: How to Crochet With Plastic Bags

You will need:

Plastic bags (you will use TONS of them)
Crochet Hook (the size depends on the project)

Step 1: Cutting the Bags

First, take a bag and lay it out flat. Cut off the bottom edge.

Spread the bag out flat, getting rid of the wrinkles and making sure the sides are straight.

Fold the bag until it's in a strip a few inches wide.

Cut across the strip every half inch or so until you reach the handle area. 


Step 2: Knotting Together

Take two strips and unfold them.

Take the right strip and loop it through the left one.

Take one end of the right strip and pull it through it's other end.

Pull and ensure both sides are even so the strips don't tear.

Tighten into a small knot.

Repeat forever!

Step 3: What You Can Do!!

Crochet as you usually would with normal yarn, and the possibilities are endless!

This produces incredibly durable pieces. I've only made bags so far, but my next project is a bikini! I'll post pictures when I'm done!

Have fun!

*you can find the pattern for the clutch here



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    3 Discussions

    cool but step two was a little confusing, can you make it a little clearer. how do you get on long string instead of tons of short ones

    1 reply

    Oh gosh, I forgot to change that step to match my pictures!! It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

    never mind I am not the smartest of peeps