What You Need for Converting YouTube Video to MP3




Hi Everyone! If you looking for solution of downloading MP3s it might be very and very at hand!

You can extract any song from youtube videos in seconds, instead of searching where to download it for free.

Here is a couple of moves you need to do:

Step 1:

Download Airy YouTube Downloader from here: www.airy-youtube-downloader.com

Step 2:

Install Airy and launch it!

Step 3:

Copy YouTube video URL link and paste it into Airy link box.

Step 4:

Now select MP3 file type from drop down menu!

Step 5:

And click the download button.

Step 6:

Thats all, you can find all the MP3s in Airy folder in your downloads.

I think this is one of the easiest ways to get MP3 from youtube.

All you need is download Airy YouTube Downloader app and press a couple of buttons!

After couple minutes googlin' i found a whole blog about Airy www.get-youtube-mp3.com and if you like a whole idea feel free to check it out!

This is my first instructable! many thanks to all of you for reading this!




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