What's M.A.S.H?

Introduction: What's M.A.S.H?

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M.A.S.H is one of the most fun games I have ever played with just a sheet of paper and I hope you like it too.

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Step 1: What Is the Point?

The point of this game is to find out what your going to do, who you marry how many kids you have and any other things you are going to do, get or have.

Step 2:

M.A.S.H stands for mansion, apartment, shack and house.

Step 3: How to Play.

You will need a sheet of paper and another person that is going to play.

First you will choose the categories you want there is generally 3

Lets say you choose how many kids, your fiancé,and your job.

So first you are going to write M.A.S.H. at the top center.

Then in the right corner below M.A.S.H. write number of kids.

next you will write fiancé but on the left side

finally at the center bottom you will write jobs

under each category your going to wire 3 lines horizontally under each other.

Then you will ask the person 3 things they want for each topic

after you do this you will want to draw a cinnamon roll shape curves in the center and the person thats playing will say stop and you will stop how ever many lines there are in you will take the number of lines and write it down.

This will determine how many times you go on the topics they have picked so if they sad stop and i had drawn 3 circles around then the number will be three.

start at the first topic and count down he things they wrote down 1-2-3 take the third one and cross it out then count again to the next category after continue after you only have one thing they told you to write down in each topic that is not crossed out. that is what they are going to have so if on # of kids they you didn't mark out 3 they will have 3 kids. When your done do the same to mash and if the last thing that was not marked out was s then they will live in a shack

Step 4:

This game is not really going to tell your future but is a good game to play with your friends.

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