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Got a two part video series here showing what all I choose to put into my camping backpack, and my guy friend's camping backpack.
Covering the basics, food, water, first aid/survival, tools, and some other various items.
Feel free to kindly comment on anything you think I might need to add!
To see part two, what's in his bag, click the link in the video or follow the link in the description, it will open in a new window.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Don't you just love the convince of the coffee singles pack, they just forgot to make them easy to open. BTDT


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I agree it is hot in MTC during the summer at least its getting a little cooler now


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    sooo this will sound weird. but a mini bottle of vodka is gud if you get seriously injured it cleans the area and has a numbing property after the burn lol. and drink a lil and it helps disorient you if youre in a lot of pain. this is only in life threatening emergencies. im not recomending this as a paramedic but if i was in a survival situation without an ambulance! great instructable


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Several Things:
    The "bowie knife" is a gerber gator machete. They are not full tang. Get one that is full tang (it is made from one piece of metal with a handle attached to it)
    You dont need so many knives. You are not hunting. Even so, a hunter only carries a couple knives. A folding knife, multitool, and a FULL TANG machete, hatchet, or fixed blade knife will work.
    Matches are not reliable. Get a couple of bic lighters and a Doan magnesium fire starter. Dont get a knockoff
    bring a tarp, not a tent
    I would recommend a small bottle of baby powder for boots.
    Other than that, pretty good.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I actually did learn what full tang and not means! So hurrah for that! I'm not a knife expert, which is pretty obvious. We ended up ditching a bunch of them before we left.
    We did have several bic lighters, they were in my mini first aid kit, and he had one in his pocket.
    A tarp is a good idea, though I was glad we had the tent this time because it got really really cold that night out of nowhere. Not that a tent holds in much heat, but it was nice.
    The baby powder is a very very good idea, I really wish we would of had some, my poor toes were aching by the time we got back from the hike. Will have to remember it next time.


    6 years ago on Introduction


    hope you had a nice trip! Some suggestions:

    - reduce weight!

    - You won't need much of your heavy tooling, one large knife / machete / whatever or an axe is more than enough if you are not crossing a jungle...

    - Learn how to properly start a fire and ditch the firestarter, all you need is a lighter (or two)... Also nice to impress other campers. If it's wet like hell take a magnesium bar

    - tents are heavy,  in summer conditions i would prefer a tarp and/or maybe a mosquito net.

    - if you really want to navigate with map and compass get a decent one with a rotating ring to "store" the desired heading

    - take duct tape and cable binders, they virtually fix everything

    cheers, andi

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I had a wonderful time! :0)
    We did end up ditching a few things before we left, since we had quite a hike ahead of us, and only two people to carry the weight.
    As for the fire, when we got there just about every thing was damp, so it took a bit to get it started, lucky for me, I happened to remember to bring some toilet paper, so we were able to use that to help get the fire started.
    The tent wasn't too heavy, but it did take up alot of space in the bag even though I had compacted it down quite a good bit, I am glad we had it though since it ended up being a pretty cold night, which is pretty strange for my area, it's usually not so cold, the weather here lately has been crazy though.
    A nice compass would be very good to have, We did get lost a couple times, but we had a map of the trail and there were blazes all along so we didn't get too lost.
    I had duct tape in my mini first aid kit, that stuff does fix everything.
    Also, cable binders? Not ever thought of that! Great idea though, will have to remember that for sure next time. :0D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Was trying to make it entertaining as well. Though I am aware it ran too long.
    It's also in two parts because the first part is what's in mine, and the second is what's in his. I wanted to do a photo tutorial too, but I've not had the time, sadly.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    People have short attention-spans, this is why popular music tracks are about "that long".
    13 mins is a bit more of a lecture, or it's just someone talking about their life.


    (I stopped after the dry-box/bag)