Wheat Semolina Upma



-Wheat semolina is another healthier option when compared to white semolina. Upma prepared using wheat semolina is very tasty.


-One and half cup wheat semolina

-one diced onion

-one finely chopped carrot

-one chopped tomato

-2 red chillies

-3 cups of water

-salt as per taste

-Tsp cumin ,mustard seeds

-Half tsp split black gram

-Tsp split bengal gram

-Few curry leaves

-Cooking oil

Step 1: Keep All Ingredients Ready

-First chop all veggies carrots, tomatoes and even chop onions and keep ready

Step 2: Tempering

-Take little oil in vessel and when is heated add tsp cumin,mustard seeds. when they crackle add half tsp split black gram and a tsp bengal gram and saute for few minutes

Step 3: Add Curry Leaves and Dry Red Chillies

-Next add few curry leaves and dry red chillies and saute

Step 4: Add Onions and Chopped Carrot

-Next add chopped onions and saute for few minutes. When onions are little cooked add finely chopped carrots and saute.

Step 5: Add Diced Tomatoes

-When carrots are little cooked add tomatoes and mix.

Step 6: Add Water

-For one and half cup wheat semolina i added 3 cups of water.

-Add salt as per taste

Step 7: Keep Ready With Wheat Semolina

-Take one and half cup wheat semolina and keep ready.Wheat semolina is thicker when compared to white semolina.

Step 8: Add Semolina to Boiling Water

-When water starts boiling add wheat semolina slowly to boiling water and keep mixing.

Step 9: Cover and Cook

-Reduce the flame to low ,Cover and cook for some time.

-After some time semolina absorbs the entire water and gets cooked

Step 10: Serve Wheat Semolina

-Serve wheat semolina with curd or any pickle.



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