Wheel Chair Accessible Vanity




About: I like to turn trash into useful treasures. I believe less gives you time for MORE in your life. I love riding motorcycles.

vanity you can use with or without a wheel chair or walker

Step 1: Remove Old Vanity

take off the doors, turn off the water supply and remove what is there

Step 2: Find a Desk

I found this on on a local yard sale site for $50

Step 3: Paint If Needed

I wanted to change the look but you can find some already painted

Step 4: Wheel Chair Accessible Vanity

draw a line from corner to corner to find the center, drill down from the top then up from the bottom if needed

Step 5: Add Sink and Faucet

I found this vessel sink on e-bay for $89. Impress your friends you did it yourself. I had to get longer water hoses because I chose to put my faucet on the left so if seated, it could be reached with ease.

Step 6:

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