Wheel Gauge, How to Make

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How I do a Wheel Gauge, inspired by the mythical Veritas. With chestnut handle, brass shoulder, stainless steel rod. For the blade retouch a steel washer and for the nut to tighten a small experiment with a screw, a bit of Epoxy and a piece of copper tube.

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I hope you like it...

Step 1: The Body

Preparing the brass shoulder preform as fit as possible. And the same with the wood for the body-handle with saw and raspe.

Step 2: The High Tech Lathe

After a lot of bad ideas, I found the way to use a drill like a lathe to round the brass and wood pieces.

Step 3: The Details

Sharpening the wheel. And one of my favorite work: the Nut. With a copper pipe, a screw and epoxi glue.

Step 4: The Result

Testing the gauge, I feel good with the result.

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Step 5: The Video



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