Wheelbarrow Refurbished,

Introduction: Wheelbarrow Refurbished,

A totally wooden wheelbarrow helped me in carrying items in thegarden, but afrter some years became a decorative part in my yard. I put on it white marble stones adding a special note in a corner.

Step 1: Strength and Grip

The wheel, a wooden "sandwich" of three layers wooden pieces arranged in cross order, showed some wear and cracks on its sides. The best way to keep it tight and avoid any furthe damage on the wooden periphery is a casting tape. A 2" (5cm) roll was enough to strengthen its outer surface!

I added the same tape in the handles area for better grip. The whole procedure was easy and very effective.

Step 2: Casting Tape to Save It

If you have similar wooden items and they get in a danger of deterioration due to time and use, this idea works amazingly simple and with minimal cost. You apply it on the "injured" member and you save it.

Step 3: And I Relocated It.

I chose smaller, whiter, marble stones and the total load was entirely lighter. I exposed it in a new place, in front of my gate surrounded by red river boulders.

I really enjoyed this operation of saving my creation, adding some more value and extending its life.

It's really nice making it a proud piece of woodwork. A tool when used to carry things and a piece of art when standing as decorative part of my home.

I hope, I provided a nice and useful idea to you friendly visitors!!!

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    5 years ago

    i liked it..very decorative..