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About: Confined to a wheelchair since 1998...Raising the last 3 of my 11 children and lovin' it ! Landscaping is my passion next to my religion and family! A positive outlook makes all the difference!

Being in a wheelchair myself, I know how intimidating they can be...that is why I came up with these Wheelchair Jackets, and opened my online shop WheelchairDecor.  With these handmade jackets, lap blankets, and decorations my wheelchair became a fun friend...adding personality and a unique style!  If you are in a wheelchair or know someone who is,  these Wheelchair Jackets will bring a lot of fun in a not-so-fun situation!

Following is a tutorial on how to make a Wheelchair Jacket!

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1: Cut your fabric to 18” x 38”
    From the selvage, cut four, 7” x 2 1/2” strips.

Step 2: Step 2-3

Step 2: Fold the strips in half, right sides together, and sew along one end and one long     side using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Step 3: Clip corners

Step 3: Step 4-5

Step 4: Turn strips right side out
Step 5: Iron strips

Step 4: Step 6

Step 6: Cut two 6” Velcro strips and two 1” Velcro strips

Step 5: Step 7

Step 7: Attach one side of Velcro strip to each of the four fabric strips

Step 6: Step 8

Step 8: Lay fabric flat. Measure 4” from the bottom of the fabric (not the fold); pin strip in place. Measure 13” inches from the bottom of the fabric (not the fold); pin strip in place.

Step 7: Step 9-10

Step 9: Turn fabric over. Pin 1” Velcro strip exactly opposite the strips on the other side; measuring 1” in from edge. Baste in place.
Step 10: Be sure to match Velcro teeth on strip to fuzz on the other side. Sew in place

Step 8: Step 11

Step 11: Place front and back of jacket with right sides together.

Step 9: Step 12-13

Step 12: Using a 1/2” seam – sew the front to the back on three sides, leaving the bottom open for turning.
Step 13: Clip corners. Turn right side out.

Step 10: Step 14

Step 14: Starting at the top, iron the three sewn edges of the jacket.

Step 11: Step 15-16

Step 12: Finished Wheelchair Jacket

This is a full view of the finished jacket...each one is reversible so you get two styles in one item!

Step 13: How It Looks!

This is how a Wheelchair Jacket looks on a wheelchair...a lot more inviting and fun than just a plain wheelchair!



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    15 Discussions

    Nice, a great way to personalize a wheelchair.

    It would be nice to see something like this in nursing homes. It would be a good one to share with community sewing groups. Such a great idea!

    That looks great! Thanks for the clear tutorial.
    And you've definitely got some cute wheelchair covers in your Etsy shop too. ;)

    3 replies

    Very nice. May I ask does the back cover interfere with the opening and folding of the chair? I am guessing it only drapes over the back of the seat and excess is tucked in the gap in back of the seat bottom. You should suggest which fabrics are good to use. With my mother-in-law, we found that a few pillows tucked in for lumbar support and that "donut" was required. Maybe you could sew pockets or additional padding with your covers. Good luck.

    1 reply

    caitlinsdad...I do have jackets with pocket in my shop, and no the jackets don't interfere with the arms or chair folding...thanks for commenting!