Wheels Hoodie

Introduction: Wheels Hoodie

Yes, you read  that right. It's a wheels hoodie. Wear this on Halloween. Wear this to a truck rally. Wear this if you happen to be a cold, fashionable mechanic.  This bold unisex hoodie screams fashion renegade. Its' also something to do with those broken wheels from your kid's cars.

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Step 1: Tell You What You Need, What You Willy Willy Need

What, you never heard that song? To make this, you need a hoodie, fabric glue, and assorted sized toy wheels. Blank hoodies can be found at an assortment of clothing stores. Fabric glue can be found at your local Home Depot or arts and crafts store. The wheels can be collected when the wheels pop off from your son's cheap dollar truck, or found in a Lego store. You might want to get some newspaper to spread when you do the gluing.

Step 2: A Pattern You Like

Spread your wheels on the hoodie in a pattern you like. If you don't have many wheels  make a small car or motorcycle shape. I had more than I knew what to do with so I spread them randomly in a funky looking rectangle.Feel free to add a few personal varnishes. I put orange gears on the sleeves, and a Lego motorcycle on the pocket.

Step 3: Big Duh.

Glue the wheels onto the hoodie.

Step 4: Ta-da!

When it's done drying (time depends on your glue), wear it! Show off! (Make your other cold mechanic friends jealous.)

This was my first Instructable. What do you think?

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