Wheels Challenge Entry: (HELS) Highly Experimental Lego Skateboard

Introduction: Wheels Challenge Entry: (HELS) Highly Experimental Lego Skateboard

About: I like to script for ROBLOX. I dont do very big scripts, but i am a intermediate scripter.
This is my Highly Experimental Lego Skateboard or HELS for short. It can do lots of things like take off a lego characters hat, change his/her position, turn into a tank (that doesn't shoot), make the lego character fall over, make a roof, chop him up into little pieces (with the gear wheels, and so much more! I MIGHT add instructions but i don't plan on it. Vote for mine and thanks for looking.

Pic 1: Side view with roof 

Pic 2: Side view with roof down

Pic 3: Side view with stand point changed

Pic 4: Side view with the lady about to fall off

Pic 5:

Pic 5: 

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