Wheely Robot

Introduction: Wheely Robot

This is a Wheely Robot made by a team of Grade 2's in Ottawa, Ontario.

They used team work to develop and execute the construction of the robot.

Their team leader wrote out the instructions and drew the blue prints.

Great Job team!

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Step 1: Build the Head

Clear a work space and gather all the Knex pieces you can find.

Connect all the pieces to create the head as shown.

It should be shaped like a ball.

Step 2: Make Two Antennas

Construct two antennas with the pieces show.

Step 3: Attach Antennas to the Head

Attach your antennas to the head as shown.

Step 4: Build This Piece

This piece will connect the head to the body.

Step 5: Insert the Connector Into the Head to Make a Neck

Insert the connector into the head and out of the bottom to make a neck.

Step 6: Construct the Body

Construct the body as such.

Step 7: Build the Robot's Wheel

Assemble the wheel.

Step 8: Attach the Head and Neck to the Robot's Body

Using the connector piece that also acts as the neck of the robot, attach the neck and body together.

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