Wheely Centre Table!!!




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It is one of the most creative way to reuse tyres to transform them into beautiful centre table.

All you need is little time and lots of threads!! :)

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Step 1: Stuff Needed!!

Old tyres ( stick them one over another using rubber solution, it will take time to stick)

Rubber solution

Cloth for lining

Silken threads of different colours (5mm thick, 4kgs in total)

Circular glass, to make glass top.

Step 2: Wrap!

Wrap the cloth over the tyres as shown in image.

Step 3: Thread Work!

Cut 4 strings of 2m thread for frame work, place it on floor as shown or you can tie the same on frame, I got the frame later so I started my work on floor.

Take one of the thread, which you want to be in center, tie all the threads in between using the thread.

Step 4: Making Web!

From center itself you have to tie the thread around the frame threads, as shown in pic. I hope its clear enough. follow the arrows. Its really simple.

The second pic shows how it will look from front.

Step 5: Continue..

continue doing the same thing with different colours, and when you want to change the colour make a knot to the frame thread.

Step 6: Placing It on Tyre!

Once you have made enough of web (to cover the open area of Tyre) on frames take it out and place on Tyre.

Now tie the frame threads below and tight the web threads if they got loose.

Step 7: Keep Weaving!

Keep weaving the same way and once you reach till end tighten all the threads and pull the frame threads really hard and tie them below as shown in second image.

Step 8: Done!!

Place a circular glass top and use it as a beautiful centre table.

It looks really beautiful once completed.

Let me know if there are any doubts!!!

Enjoy making it :D

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    rajinder kaurshazni

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! It's not that much work!! :D :D It took me 3 days to complete it ( 2 3 hours per day)!! :) :)