Weighted Juggling Clubs!

Introduction: Weighted Juggling Clubs!

About: I'm a poor college student currently getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and working on a minor in Fine Arts. I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies, and am always looking to pick up new skills.

So, to be honest, I'm a little bit poor right now, and I needed to learn to juggle clubs. So I built my own.

These are fully modifiable, so feel free to comment on how you improved yours.


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Step 1: Tools and Materials

So, for this Instructable, you'll need:
-Wooden or PVC dowls (all same) *3
-Water or soda bottles (all same) *3
-3 even weighted rolls of electrical tape
-Some cardboard

Tools you'll need are:
-Hot glue gun
-Hack saw
-Duct tape
-Electrical tape
-Exacto knife

Step 2: Making the Weight

First, take a pen and trace the outside of the bottle on a piece of cardboard. Cut these circles out with the knife.

Then, cut slits in the circles on the outside and a cross in the middle for the dowl. Force the dowl through the cross to make sure it fits before you go on to the next step.

Finally, glue the weights (electrical tape) on one side of the cardboard circles.

Step 3: Attache the Bottle

Now, we need to cut the bottle.
-Cut a large circle out of the bottom of the bottle you chose. Attached to the dowl, force the cardboard weight into the bottom of the bottle, and glue it if nececarry.
-Then, adjust the dowl to your desired handle length, and tape to the mouth of the bottle.
-Finally, take the cut piece of the bottle, and glue back on.

Step 4: Handles

Last step!
To finish the handles, cut a circle of felt about 3* the diameter of you're dowl. Cut slits 2/3 of the way into the circle, like you did the cardboard, and glue to the bottom of the dowls. Finish it with either electrical tape or grip tape all the way up the handle.

If you want, you can use colored electrical tape to wrap the club part to make it pretty.

And there you have it. Your own set of juggling clubs!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Now get yourself some (butter) knives! Just be sure to dremel the edges off first... Bread is forgiving, but your hands are not!