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Introduction: Where Do I Know Him From...?

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I may have a problem.. I take an author, who I think is talented - and I write down all the movies/TV-Shows they have been in, what they played and when it was published.

I´m obsessed - but proud!

I have spent some years on this and thought you guys should see it!

If you´re as passionated with actors as I am, take a few minutes to look at this!

What do you need:

- A binder.

- Different color highlighters.

- Paper with lines.

- A ruler.

- A pen

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Step 1: Step 1: Prepare

I think the pictures says it all ;)

This usually takes some time, but it is quite necessary - it will get a lot easier if you have the paper with lines, instead of complete blank paper.

Step 2: Step 2: Research

What you gonna do is this:

1. Chose an actor/actress.

2. Goggle: "actors name" filmography. I usually use wikipedia or Aceshowbiz. Don´t underestimate wikipedia here - they often have the most movies. Remember that it is passionated fans, who have written the filmography in there.

3. Google each movie/show in a different fan. If the actor have a large enough role for you to want to watch it, then write it down.

I would recommend that you firstly write all the movies in chronological order and then the Tv-Shows in a chronological order. It´ll make it easier to find a specific movie (also to pick if you want to see a younger version of the actor)

4. Make sure, that you have this, before you write anything!: A line with the word "Movie" or "Tv-Show"

Under that line, you should divide the next line into three columns, with the words: "year", "Titel" and "Role" (See picture - note! I am Danish - år means year in Danish)

Keep doing step three until you´re done.

5. If you saw any movies/TV-shows where other actors (who you want in you binder) was in the same movie - then mark it on both the actors, just in the side of the movie (see picture)

You might wonder what the stars are for!

Well - I find the movies and shows on IMDB. If they are the first or second on the list of credited actors, then I mark it with a star. I also mark the movie with a star, if they are in the poster of the movie.

Step 3: When You Get to the TV-shows

For your own sake - write have many episodes there is in the show in total and write how many your actor have been in.

It´s not nice to watch a show, only because of a specific actor - only to find out that he/she only had a part for 5 episodes out of 200.

Step 4: When You´ve Watched a Movie or Show..

If/when you watch a movie or show with that one actor, you´ll mark it with a checkmark. Trust me, it feels really satisfying!

Step 5: Go Right Ahead

If you are afraid of forgetting some actors along the way, then write them down on a sheet!

I did that.

I have 60 complete actors and over 100, that I would like to make.. and I keep adding more :D

Step 6: A Few Tips!

A few tips...

1) When you search for the actor on IMDB, then try this:

cmd + f. (I don´t know how you would do it on a windows computer)

It´ll give you a search bar in the corner, where you can enter the actors name and hit enter. It´ll direct you directly to his/her name and make your job a hell lot easier!

2) Don´t read the resumé of the movie.

A resumé might not seem like a lot of text, but if you plan to do it with every single movie and show, you´ll never get anything done. Just check how big a role they have and write them on the list, if they have a big enough role. You won´t remember any of the resumés after having read a few hundreds anyway.

3) color the "year," "title", "role" "tv-show/movie" with different colors - it makes it look more nice and makes you happy.

4) Write the full name of the actor (and perhaps an aka - actors stage name)

Sometimes it might surprise you what they are actually called (Like Misha Collins and David Tennant´s "real" names)

5) Write the actors first movie and first TV-Show - no matter how small the role. It might be fun to see the very first movie or show they had a role in!

Leave a comment if you have any questions or wanna let me know, if this got you inspired ;)


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