Where the Wild Things Are KW Costume

Introduction: Where the Wild Things Are KW Costume

Hey world, I was inspired by the KW costume I saw on this site and my daughter Natalia loves Where The Wild Things Are so decided to have a go at making it and luckily it turned out ok. Halloween is not that big of a deal in the UK and all the boring, unoriginal costumes for sale dont help.

Before I start, I had tonnes of help from my mum and sister, so THANK YOU!

I didnt really take pictures step by step and it was pretty much made using our imagination and lots of trial and error!......All in it took around 3-4 days to complete just doing the odd bits in the evening after work.

The basic structure was made using chicken wire as its pretty light weight and easy to manipulate into posistion, then we covered this with some old fluffy cushion covers and padded out the features with stuffing from pillows. The ears were made using chicken wire again and covered with some fabric then attached to the head. The nose was made using tights all stuffed together and moulded into a nose shape, then painted. The eyes are polysterene egg shapes just painted and laquered. This all of course was stitched into place.

The hair was just a cheap fleece blanket stitched to the top of the head and cut into strips, then the lining of the mouth an old red bedsheet stitched into place. The whole structure is attached to the inside of a welding helmet which was secured with garden ties and padded out for comfort.

If I was to do it over again I would definatley try and make it more light weight as its a little on the heavy side and requires you to hold onto the sides to avoid tipping over, saying that I think we did a pretty good job and my daughter was over the moon when she saw it.

The actual furry body suit was made by my mum, using a basic teddy bear suit pattern, she just added a tail etc.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and if you decide to have a go I hope that my instructions have been of some use!

Thanks Sarah, Rach and Our Mum x

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