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Ever since I read this book as a child I've wanted to be Max! Seeing the movie took me back to my childhood daydreams. I just needed a Wild Thing to complete my look. Fortunately my husband is a good sport! When I mentioned my costume idea to him he said "well then I want to be Carol, but I'm going to need a giant head".

Let the planning begin!

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Step 1: Paper Mâché a Gym Ball

I used raw paper mâché 2 cups of water to 2 2/3 cups of flour. Thin layers, let dry completely before next layer (24 hrs), to avoid mould. I did about 4 or 5 layers before it was strong enough to deflate and remove the gym ball.

Thank you to cmorgan21 (found here) for the inspiration!!!

Step 2: Face Detail

I used styrofoam balls cut in half for the eyes and shaped one for the nose. Hot glue and duct tape to hold it together, then another layer of paper mâché.

Step 3: More Detail

Making sure that sight lines are ok. At this point I added some more dimension to the face. Didn't take a picture of these details.
Cardboard eyelids, bunches of toilet paper (because it was easy to work with) to create upper lip. Rolled toilet paper to create lips and wrinkles under eyes. Cover in duct tape to avoid mould. Then another couple of paper mâché layers to make it strong.

Step 4: Paint Face & Attach Fur

Painted face with craft paint.
To attach the fun fur I first made a pattern by placing a sheet over the head. Pin darts from the top of the head to the neck to make a tight fit. Cut along the dart lines and where you want the fabric to fit. Leave enough length to fit over the opening at bottom. Use the pattern to cut the fun fur in one piece.
I attached horns (from a plastic Viking helmet) by cutting holes in the fun fur, hot glued to the head and fun fur. Hot glue all the fun fur to head.

Step 5: Teeth

The teeth are plastic jack-o-lantern teeth hot glued in place.
To fit the head so it could turn we made a foam piece (hat) to fit my husbands head and filled the inside of the top head with spray foam around the hat.

Step 6: Pants and Tail

Scales are cut pieces of felt attached with hot glue at the top only.
I cut a strip of fun fur 10 inches wide, rounded at one end for the tail. Sew edges together and sew to pants.
The shirt is obviously just a sweater as the costume is already hot enough without adding more fun fur.

Step 7: Add Max

Max was just made from a pattern I found for a cat at a fabric store. I just added a few details like buttons, whiskers, a longer tail, and a fur crown to make it more like max.

Now it's time for trick-or-treaters!!

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    4 years ago

    Thank you! It was so much fun. Reading all the great projects on here makes me excited to try another!


    4 years ago

    great project. it turned out well.


    4 years ago

    Thank You! How do I enter? I can't find anything under contests.

    That is an amazing costume! I love you created the head, and it came out so perfect! You should think about entering this into our First Time Author Challenge!