Where the Wild Things Are Carol/Moshie Costume

Introduction: Where the Wild Things Are Carol/Moshie Costume

I decided for halloween I want to be a wild thing from the book and new movie where the wild things are. my mom and dad wanted nothing to do with making my costume, so I had to make it all by myself. (this my first tutorial on instructables.com, so bear with me) (as you notice the gloves are blue to find out why go to step three) you will need: a balloon, newspaper, flour, water, an old pair of gloves, a pair of pants, paper, a tail (I bought mine from iparty), horns from something or you can make them (I bought a viking helmet and just took of the horns) a tennis ball you can wreck, an orange and white striped shirt (I bought one at target), patience and creativity.

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Step 1: Making the Headpiece Part 1

The first step is to get (or buy) a balloon. once you have your balloon blow it up. you will need to have a tennis ball you can destroy, because you need to cut it in half. you then need a paper mache mix which is simply just flour and water (you will want to put more water than flour) then take your balloon and cover it in paper mache. wait for it try dry, when it is dry will want to do your second coat (i only did two you can do as many as you like) but before you cover everything up, dont forget to put on the tennis ball halfs as eyes. for the nose you will need to be creative, i actually just use newspaper, rolled it up and folded it in half. i then made two balls of newspaper and stuck them onto the paper mached balloon. i then covered the face in another layer. After i let it dry, i needed something for the horns so i wnet to iparty and got two things. 1. a viking helmet so i could take of the horns and use them for the horns. 2. a tail
after i came back, i popped the balloon and was ready to paint.

Step 2: Making the Headpiece Part 2

I first started out by painting the eyes yellow. I then mixed orange, yellow, white and a little bit of red for the nose and painted the nose. I then took a bit of a risk (you don't have to) I painted the rest of the head a orange-whitish (I painted the whole head, you don't have to paint the back of the head because you'll just be covering it with fur/fabric of some sort). After I let the head piece sit the so paint could dry (and the paint had dried) I began with the details. I started by painting big black circles (for pupils) I then moved onto outlining the eyes and nose. I then painted a mouth, but no teeth. After I let all of this sit and dry, I got out the viking hat i had and ripped off the horns (they were attached by hot glue) and hot glued them onto my headpiece. I then my fur suit from my big foot costume (I was bigfoot last halloween) and ripped off one of the arms (they were sown on to the suit itself) I then cut it up to fit the back out the head and on the side of the face. I then used my hot glue gun to glue the fur on. after i had everything except teeth, I began to make the teeth. (this is the easiest part of the head piece) you simply take cardstock and fold it in half, then you can either draw out the teeth and cut them out, or just cut the teeth out, either way you do it you still willneed to hot glue the teeth to the headpiece. Then take a pair of scissors measure where your eyes are with a friend, poke those eye holes, and you've got yourself a wild thing headpiece.

Step 3: Gloves

The first step is to take an old pair of gloves that use can use and do the same thing that you did for the teeth on the headpiece but inly this time its for claws. After you cut out your "claws" hot glue the claws onto the gloves. i tried many different ways to make orange and white strips, and no matter how hard i tried i just couldn't get orange and white stripes. I have suggestions on how to, but i can't do most of them. here they are: get orange and white spray paint, and spray paint they stripes on, very good acrylic paint, get orange and white feathers and just glue them onto the gloves or just find orange and white striped gloves or just don't use gloves.

Step 4: Pants

This is a very easy part of the process. All you have to do is take a few pieces of paper, draw a feather pattern then just cut out the shape that you want your feather pattern to be, then just tape it on to your pants. Or you could just by a feathers and hot glue them onto the pants (i find that way easier).

Step 5: Assembly

Take your striped shirt-thing put it on, then put on you pants, gloves and headpiece, but before you put on your headpiece, you'll want to put on your tail, so bend the very tip of your tail and stick it into your pants (it may be disturbing but you will have to do). Get ready to go trick-or-treating as a wild thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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