Whiplash Costume

Introduction: Whiplash Costume

For a recent dress up party I decided to go as whiplash, the villain from iron man 2 , its origional and seemed like a good challenge. 

The breast plate I rented from a Halloween shop as it was a lot easier to rent then to make, but without the rest of the costume its quite bland.

So this Instructable is more about the exoskeleton and the whips...

the costume looked great, so here's how you can make it as well.


- transparent tubing (used in fish tanks) - 5m (6mm diameter)
- transparent tubing - 3m (10mm diameter)
- Grated flexible tubing - 2m (8cm diameter)
- copper wire - 4m
- PVC drain pipe 0.5m (10cm diameter)
- PVC drain pipe 0.5m (3cm diameter)
- Spray paint (silver, black, orange)
- Cable ties
- orange jumpsuit or old pants.
- LED strips with battery packs x3
- Thick belt and thin belt


Dremel or saw

The total build was about 1-2 days 

Step 1: Spine

I'l begin with the exoskeleton

- First cut the flexible grated pipe in half and cable tie the two halves together, this will be the spine of the skeleton.

The pipe I bought was white, so I spray panted it black as you can see in the 2nd image.

The pipes curl outwards which is good because they must rise above the shoulders when the spine is flat on your back.

- Take the 'transparent tubing - 3m (10mm diameter)' and spray it silver, when attached to the spine it will look like steel piping, which looks realistic.

- Once the silver tubing is dried, cut the tube in half and cable tie the end of both halves together as in the 3rd image.

This end will curve up over the stomach.

- Place the silver tubing over the black spine with the 'cable tied end' facing DOWN . Now tie the silver tube to the black spine as in image4

Step 2: Arms

I used the ' PVC drain pipe 0.5m (10cm diameter)' as the steel rings that run along the arms of the exoskeleton.

- First spray the pipe silver.
- Then draw lines round the perimeter of the pipe about 3cm apart (I used cable ties to get a smooth line), from this you will cut 6 rings (3 per arm). Use a dremel, saw , or whatever you have.
- place large cable ties around the rings that you just cut ,this is to make it look more realistic.
- Respray all the rings.

- cut 2 oval shapes from the pipe. These will be the shoulders.

Step 3: Combining Parts

- On the upper extensions of the silver tubing, attach the 3 arm rings on each tube roughly 10cm apart very loosely, you will tighten them once you measure it on your arm.

(see the pictures to make this clear)

- Tie the silver tube to the black pipe in the shoulder region to keep them stable
- Tie the black pipe to the top most silver ring so it curves round.

put the suit on and measure where the rings should sit on your arms, then tighten them in place, I recommend putting some sort of fabric on the inside of the rings so it doesn't scratch your arm

Step 4: Pants

I looked everywhere and could not find an orange jump suit/overall , so I had to buy yellow rain pants and spray them orange. It still came out looking good.

I also purchased a black wig as the character has long hair.

Step 5: Whips

The whips were really basic.

- Cut the 'transparent tubing - 3m (10mm diameter)' in half and use each half as the whip structure.

- cable tie the 'copper wire - 4m' at different points along the tube so it flares out.

- Insert the LED strip all the way through the tube. (I tied a string to one end and pulled it through)

- Cut the 'PVC drain pipe 0.5m (3cm diameter)' into 15cm lengths to use as the handles, spray them black and attach them to the tubes.

- Attach the battery pack to the handles and spray them black

The whips are now complete

Step 6: ARC

- Fold the LED strip into a star shape and insert it into the breast plate as an arc reactor.

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    Wow! The first one yet! The detail looks amazing! But, to go one step farther, make a complete duplicate of the actual one. (Yes, i know, the detail is already amazing, but like on the arms, there are those black looking straps, and so on) But yes, truly amazing! Now, to make it so the whips can fold in, and so you can flick them out....


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The black straps wudve definately made it more comfortable to wear, but the pipe i chose to cut the rings out of was a bit too narrow, so cudnt really fit anything between the rings and my arms (guns,lol)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I havnt really looked into it, i was going to and then found one at the fancydress shop, so dint bother