Whisky Box Remote Contol Holder



I went to an Auction one day and got 4 of these whisky box for 5 dollars. I sold three and decided that I could make one of these into something and that is where I got the idea. Here is how you make it.

Step 1: Clearing the Whisky Box

I choose to clear the whisky box in order to make it look brand new instead of looking like it was sitting on the shelf for 10 years. The supplies I used were...
1. Water-Based Clear-Coat
2. A Paint Brush
3. A Rag if you need one

I did not need to sand the box for this project. I just used the paint brush and cleared the box. Read the instructions on the back on how long it should take for the clear to dry. I used a hair drier to dry down the box and it dried in about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Hanging the Box Up

To hang the box up I used a Hammer, and some nails. If you need a level you can use one if you want it to be evenly matched on your wall. You might need help for this part. I used Grip Rite Bright Finish 4d 1-1/2" nails.

Step 3: The Final Product

In the end it is a perfect place to put one remote. It is the perfect size for just about every size remote. You can put it just about anywhere. It will also keep track of your remote and help you from losing it. Hope you like it.



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