Whisky Piri Piri Sauce!! ^^




Introduction: Whisky Piri Piri Sauce!! ^^

Hello Instructables community!!

Finally I'm releasing my first Instructable, and nothing better than one of my favourite piri piri sauces (chilli sauce) Whisky piri piri!! This is a Portuguese recipe, has many variances depending of the taste of each maker =)

I use the Piri piri chilli (bird eye chilli) originally grown in Africa in the amazing country of Mozambique, that was brought to Portugal by Portuguese explorers while searching for the sea route to India for their spices.

Warning advise:

Be aware when handling chillies specially fresh ones, it may burn loads if you have the bad luck of touching your lips, nose or eyes!!!

If it happens, wash in running water specially if it is in the eyes, in other parts you may use dairy products to help kill the burn! (milk, cream, yoghurt and ice cream) Do that by leaving a layer/cover of the affected area! or just Woman UP! Man UP!! =D after 15 - 20 min will be finish ^^

Let's Start!

You going to need:

  • Dry Bird Eye chilli, or other dry chillies if you can get the bird eye
  • Fresh chillies (doesn't matter which ones up to you!)
  • Garlic (a bulb will be great )
  • Lemon (zest from 1 lemon and the juice)
  • Pepper corns (Black pepper or even Red your choice!)
  • Bay leaves
  • Honey (optional)
  • Sea Salt or kosher (it's all about the flavour)
  • Whisky of course!!! (used blended, not the biggest fan of bourbon but it might be great for this too [don't even try to use single malt!! that's a crime! eheh])


  • Mortar & pestle
  • Knife
  • Chopping board (don't ruin your knife or the surface were you working)
  • Blender / hand blender
  • Jar (To know the amount you to making)

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Step 1: Preparing the Extract

Start by crushing the dry chillies with the mortar and pestle (if they are whole) and put them in the jar with 1 large bay-leaf, fill up half way with the Whisky. Close the jar and shake it well, there will be some floating bits so don't worry about it.

Now the important part, leave it to rest for 2 days (minimum advised) maximum? 1 week is great (my first attempt I left for 2 years lol). The reason why you want it to rest is to the alcohol extract the flavour and "heat" of the dry chillies be sure to shake it a bit during the rest period and don't open it!

Note: During the time I had the chillies infused whisky I gave to try coffee spoons of it to friends and colleagues at work (lovers of hot sauce and others not really) it was Hell on Earth.. there isn't a build up of heat it strikes all in one go... speed of action like someone hammered your thong.. It got nicknamed by them as the "Satan's p1ss"...

Step 2: Chopping and Blending Time!

Now the rest time is over, so lets roughly chop the chillies and garlic and put them inside the jar to see if you have enough/too much space, with a peeler gently peel only the yellow part of the lemon and juice the lemon.

Put inside the mix with some pepper, bit of salt and about one table spoon of honey top up with whisky until nearly submerge the contents.

(if you submerge everything in whisky later on you will have some deposits and will be a bit to liquid)

Final part, blend everything nicely and store back to the jar.

That's it! You got your whisky piri piri sauce!!

Tell me what you think about the recipe, if you try to make it tell me your experience!!

Fell free to comment and ask as many questions as you want about it!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Cheers! =) it is a nice sauce on is own. But goes great with chicken as a marinade or after cooked as a sauce.