White Body Canon Bg-e6

Introduction: White Body Canon Bg-e6

i want to change my camera color. almost all cameras have got same color. i want white camera. so i try myself and start with my batery grip bg-e6.

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Step 1: Get Donor

i am photographer and i have got canon equipment. i find donor so easy on my bag :)..

Step 2: Get Tools

i bought this mini drill in web 30 lira (i live in turkey). mobile charger is free because i have got. i paid nail buffer 4 lira . 4 side buffer is good. it has got 2 sand paper. later i bought adapter for mini drill and paid 20 lira. i paid 12 lira for sprey paint. and 6 lira for strip band.

Step 3: Remove Point

i use mini drill as a dremel. i use buffer first side. and finish in a few days.

Step 4: Covered Plastic Parts

normally u can take off plastic part but i want to covered with strip band.

Step 5: Painting

i use acrylic sprey paint. i like matt white. i paint four times. in second time i saw some bubles and scratch i use sand paper again. and paint again. when dried i paint last times.

Step 6: Resolution

and i take of all band and get resolution

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