White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

Introduction: White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

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This is a super-easy eye-and-tastebud-pleasing candy dish to put out for guests, pack for gifts, or eat yourself. I recommend eating it yourself. All of it. Because it's that good!

So good that I wish I had more candy canes in the house so that I could make (and eat) more. Want to make some yourself? Read on!

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Step 1: Melt! and Pour.

White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark

  • Belgian white chocolate wafers
  • green coloured chocolate wafers (a smaller amount)
  • red coloured chocolate wafers (a smaller amount)
  • candy canes

Choose a plastic container (I used a fast-food container — a plastic one, not a Styrofoam one). Melt the white chocolate in a mug or ceramic vessel in the microwave, using 15 second bursts, and stirring in between. Once melted, pour into the plastic container.

Step 2: Melt Some More, Pour Some More, and Swirl.

Melt the red chocolate the same way, and drizzle if over the white chocolate.

Do the same for the green chocolate wafers.

Using a knife, swirl the colours together gently.

Step 3: Crush and Sprinkle.

Crush your candy canes with a mortar and pestle (or a baggie and a rolling pin) and sprinkle on top of the chocolate.

Step 4: Refrigerate and Demold

Cool in fridge until chocolate is set.

Turn over onto a clean plate, and smack the bottom of the plastic container until the chocolate comes out.

(It doesn't matter if it breaks -- that's the next step!)

Step 5: Break and Devour!

Break into small pieces and eat! Or give away as gifts. Or serve to friends. (But it’s so good that you’ll want to eat it all yourself!)

Just like my Customize-Your-Own Chocolate Bar, this would be great to make with kids. It's easy, there are no sharp implements, and it's a great way to involve kids in gift-giving!

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    5 years ago

    that is soooo easy

    Margaret van Velthuyzen
    Margaret van Velthuyzen

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I know! It's almost embarrassingly easy! But it's a popular dish with guests, and looks impressive! Also customizable to different holidays -- just use different colours of chocolate wafers, and crush different candy for the top!