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Introduction: White Chocolate Carriage Cake

For my cousin's daughter's 4th birthday I made a white chocolate carriage cake. The carriage is made of white chocolate and sits on a chocolate mud cake

In this instructable I'll describe how I made the carriage out of white chocolate. I used fondant to create the cobble stone effect. Then I piped in the white to fill in the gaps.

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Step 1: Ingredients

I used the following items to make the carriage.  

The cake is a Chocolate Mud Cake covered with buttercream and fondant.

Approx 1200 grams of white chocolate buttons

I used the Wilton 16cm Ball Pan as a mold to help create the ball shape of the carriage. Any good cake decorating shop should carry the Wilton range, or you can order online. Make sure its the smooth ball and not the larger one with soccer ball pattern pressed into it.

I used the rings that come with the Wilton Ball Pan as the template for the wheels. 

Pink Cachous for decorating the carriage. These are the small balls you can get in any baking section of a supermarket.

You will need piping bags to help pipe the chocolate in places. We made our own ones as we needed a smaller hole for most of the work. Look at this page for info on making them http://www.the-wedding-information-site.com/paper-piping-bag.html

You may find the chocolate will harden whilst in the piping bag. Just place them in the microwave for 5 - 10 seconds to soften them up, so they can be used again.

Step 2: Making the Bottom Part of the Carriage

First melt 400g of white chocolate buttons in the microwave. I microwave them for 30 seconds, remove and stir, then repeat until the chocolate is almost completely melted - it is really important to stir the chocolate well each time or the chocolate can burn and you'll have to start again with a fresh packet of chocolate.
This can also be done in a metal bowl over a  pot of boiling water - it is vital that the bowl is larger than the pot and that the bowl does not touch the water.  It is also very important that you don't get any water at all in the chocolate.
I find the microwave method easier and no risk of getting water in your chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted pour some into the mold and tilt and twist the mold to make sure the whole thing is covered.
Then put it in the fridge to set - use the base ring to ensure the tin is level.

Once the chocolate has set repeat the process above.  I did three layers of chocolate to ensure the base was fairly solid and wouldn't break easily.

Step 3: Making the Top Part of the Carriage

Using 400g of melted chocolate pour this melted chocolate onto some grease proof paper, and using a plastic spatula to shape a rectangular piece of chocolate that is about 3 - 5mm thick, 18cm wide and 25cm long. Wait a few minutes for it to set into a pliable mix. Then cut strips that are about 8mm wide and 25cm long. You will need 8 strips in total. 

I found it easier if I cut through the chocolate into the baking paper underneath, so each strip also had a strip of baking paper attached. Once the strips have all been cut, you may find that the strips have hardened, so they wont bend without snapping. Just pop them in the microwave for 5 seconds to soften them up. 

Once softened place the strips in the bowl with the baking paper facing out of the bowl. Once all the strips were placed in the star pattern I then pushed down in the middle to squash the big lump where they all crossed to be a bit smaller. You may need to reheat some of the strips as they cool waiting to be placed in the tin. 

Once the chocolate has semi-cooled try to remove the baking paper stuck to the strips. The cooler the chocolate the easier they are to just peel off. 

Once completed, place in the fridge to allow to cool and set hard.

Once it has set had (I left it overnight in the fridge) trim the strips that hung over the edge of the the bowl, I used a sharp scalpel. Ensure all strips are flush with the rim of the bowl. This makes it easier to join the two halves together later.

I also trimmed and tidied up the sides of the strips to make it look even and tidy, again use a scalpel to do this. 

Step 4: Making the Wheels

Using the rings that came with the ball pan, I drew a circle around  the inside of them onto some baking paper. They are approx 80mm in diameter. Then using a compass I drew a smaller circle inside this with a diameter of 70mm.

Then draw two lines that would be along the N-S and E-W axis of a compass through the middle of the two circles. Then I drew lines that were along the NE -SW and NW and SE axis of a compass.

This star line is the basis of the spokes for the wheels. As we wanted them quite thick we then measured 2mm either side of each line and then connected these marks together as shown below. 

Now you should have a template of a carriage wheel. Place another sheet of baking paper over this template. If you pipe directly onto the original the pencil on the paper will mark the chocolate.
Melt some more chocolate in the microwave using the same method as before. 
This time you will need to place it in a piping bag so you can then pipe the wheel using the template. The thickness of the wheels is upto you, but we made them about 3mm thick.  Repeat until you have 4 wheels.

Step 5: Putting the Two Halves Together

First we made the cake and put it onto the cake board. Then we decorated the cake.

Then using some left over buttercream icing, put a small dollop where the carriage will sit. Make this quite high so the carriage will appear to be off the ground. Place the solid lower half of the ball onto this dollop of buttercream icing.

Before we put the top half on top of this we remove two strips so that the top appeared to have a doorway either side. We removed the strips whilst the lattice was still in the bowl using a scalpel.

Then using a piping bag, pipe some melted cholcoate around the rim of the lower half ball. 

Carefully remove the lattice top half and place onto the lower ball before the chocolate piping sets. You will need two people for this.

Then we put a small dots  of melted chocolate on the strips to hold the pink balls (cachous) in place. Use a pair of wide opening tweezers to make placing the balls easier.   The chocolate hardens really quickly so this is also easier is you have one person piping choc dots and the other put the cachous on with the tweezers.

To tidy up the top part of the carriage, we attached a small tinkerbell doll that we had. This hides where the chocolate strips overlapped each other. We were going to add a princess crown but thought the tinkerbell looked cuter.

Step 6: Adding the Wheels to the Carriage

Once the main body has been decorated we need to add the wheels.

Before we add the wheel to the body, we decorated them as well. We used the side that had been against the paper as this was the flattest and also the cleanest looking. We just put a blob of melted chocolate into the center of wheel and place the silver and purple balls in this blob.

 Once this has set then work out where the wheels will stand against the body and then put some melted chocolate on the back of the wheels where it touches the body. also place some melted chocolate where the wheel touches the cake. Place the wheel back in its place and hold it for a few seconds for the melted chocolate to set and hold the wheel on its own.

Repeat for each wheel.  As this cake was designed to be viewed from the front we put all the wheels on with the smooth side towards the front of the cake.  If you are making it to be viewed from both sides then attach the wheels with the smooth side on the outside on both sides of the carriage.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

For the finishing touches we then added some My Little Ponies we borrowed from the birthday girl. We also added some lights to light up the carriage. Then we added some fondant in front of the cake. Then using the cake letter templates we added the phrase Happy Birthday. Then the imprint was piped with pink Queen Glitter Writing Gel.

Voilà you then have a finished cake with white chocolate carriage.


As we finished the cake at 7am and had to be delivered at 9.30am the same day, we were very tired but pleased with the final look of the cake. Everyone loved the cake on the day, the look on the birthday girl's face was priceless and she also received 2 toy carriages with horses as presents which was spooky!

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    6 years ago

    Do you know how to get the chocolate out of the bowl for the bottom half of the carriage? I'm having a hard time getting it out and I don't want to ruin in. :(


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    If you put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes, that should loosen it up. Else try putting the bowl in a bowl of hot water to loosen up the chocolate. The bottom was quite thick so could use a bit of force to try and move it out of the bowl. If it fails, just try again :)


    8 years ago on Step 7

    I made this one for free - well, actually as a birthday present for my cousin's 4 year old daughter.
    If I was selling it I would have charged $150 to $200 (that's New Zealand dollars).


    8 years ago on Step 7

    How much did you charge for this cake?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    2 and a quarter, excellent!! You got my vote!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sure, but don't hold him too tightly, he'll melt...