Linear Winter Wonderland of Innovation

Introduction: Linear Winter Wonderland of Innovation

This ornament design was intended for 3D Metal Printing, preferably in Titanium (Ti64), but can also be printed using most any 3D Printing materials available.

Included in the design is the option to clip the ornament onto a string of lights. The lights will illuminate the White House inside of the ornament. The design also poses the option to stand the ornament up on it's base for easy display.

Our designer is David Moore, from Linear Mold & Engineering, Inc., outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Linear Mold & Engineering, Inc., is currently the largest 3D Metal Printing private company in the USA. We pride ourselves on promoting innovation throughout every industry from consumer goods to Military components and equipment.

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    The level of detail on this ornament is amazing! I bet it will look fantastic once attached to a string of lights. I was curious if your company has tried to print this in metal yet, or if they were planning to at any point. I'm pretty unfamiliar with 3D metal printing, but would love to see what this would look like!

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    Thank you very much! We are actually in the process of having it printed at our facility. We are looking to build it out to titanium (ti64) or aluminum (alsi10mg). We will be documenting the manufacturing process, and also providing photos of the completed build! We are even thinking of giving them away at our company Holiday gathering as prizes! :) Thanks again for the feedback!

    I would love to see photos of the process! I will make sure to check them out if you make a new Instructable, or add photos to this one.

    I love how intricate this design is, thanks so much for sharing your ornament with us! well done!