White Mexican Cocktail | El Guero

Introduction: White Mexican Cocktail | El Guero

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If you're a fan of White Russians and tequila, you've just met your new favorite drink.  Submitted by ShadyLogic, I give you El Guero.

"This drink was invented one night when a bottle of tequila was mistaken for vodka. We ended up drinking two or three "White Russians" before we realized our mistake, but by then it was too late. We had invented the White Mexican. And it was delicious."

  • 1oz White Tequila
  • 1oz Kahlua
  • 3oz Whole Milk
  • 1oz Heavy Cream


Step 1: Drink enough that you can't recognize the difference between vodka and tequila.

Step 2: Decide to make a White Russian.

Step 3: Combine ingredients in a glass.

Step 4: Realize your mistake after having drunk several cocktails.

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've been making/drinking this for a couple of years now. Most people cringe with I order them.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ohhhh! Looks yummy, I could use a drink (or 3).... do you deliver? ;-)