White Trash Sushi





Introduction: White Trash Sushi

It may be a first world problem, but sometimes you just need sushi. It's great when you have the time and money to go to a great sushi restaurant, but when you have a lack of time, a limited budget, and a sushi craving, there is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution.

Step 1: Prepping the Ingredients

The heart of White Trash Sushi relies on 2 shortcuts. Microwavable rice, and seaweed snacks. Both are readily available at any Asian market or Amazon. Make sure your rice is Asian rice rather than organic, or brown rice, or anything that won't stick together.

We tried adding mirin to the rice while it was still hot and decided that it didn't add anything. Since our sushi is McDonald's equivalent of a real hamburger, there was no sense gilding the lily

Step 2: Assemble the Rest of Your Ingredients

In our case, we had some leftover smoked salmon, some leftover chicken chunks, some fish eggs, some kimchi pickles,some hot dogs (not pictured). In case you are wondering, kimchi and hot dogs is a surprisingly good combination. Note: If you don't have a mother of pearl spoon for your caviar, a plastic spoon works just as well

Step 3: Prepping the Rice

Nuke the rice for 90 seconds. Invert the rice onto a place and use a wet knife to cut into five rows. Cut the 2 end rows into 3 pieces, and the middle rows into 4 pieces.

Step 4: Assemble

put a piece of rice and topping of your choice on the seaweed. Tube wasabi makes a perfect accompaniment

Step 5: Enjoy



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    3 years ago

    is that sambal I see in the last picture? Interesting, gotta try!

    4 replies

    It's coconut aminos, but now I have a need to try sambal with my sushi! Do you have a favorite sambal recipe?

    I usually make it a little bit like this, but with the compulsory twist...;) https://www.instructables.com/id/Sambal-djahe/

    thanks! For some reason I'm picturing this sauce with rice and fried egg for breakfast

    I often have this sauce with fried eggs for ... wait for it ... breakfast. ;) Had't thought of rice, though...

    The idea here is to be resourceful. I like it.

    I crave sushi often and never thought I could cut corners like this. I'm going to stock up, no hotdogs though. Haha.