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Introduction: White Chocolate Cherry Pie

Imagine you're just a regular programming dude without any huge skills outside the 4 square foot area in front of your keyboard.  Now imagine your dad makes pie's (lot's of them lately) and you say "Hey dad, you should enter the instructables contest ", and pops decides that's a great idea!  Why don't YOU make it!  *GASP* mememeeeeee?  Make food?  For MYSELF!??

And then, with Father writing down a recipe (Pic 2), your adventure to the great unknown called "independence", begins...

But don't fret young one.  If I could do it (after learning what a hand mixer is and how to use it) you can too.

This is my first instructable so please feel free to comment if you think something could be improved.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Before we begin, we will need some ingredients;

1 pre-prepared 9" chocolate crumb crust.  I just used a store bought one, but use whatever you'd like.
1/2 cup of sugar.  Warning - keep away from children, trust me.
8 oz of softened cream cheese.
21 oz (or so) can of cherry pie filling.
1/2 cup of white chocolate chips.  Also known as white baking chips.
1 tablespoon of milk.  Use water if you're lactose intolerant.

You will also need;
a hand mixer (knowledge of use helps).
2 mixing bowls.
a pan for melting the chips in
and a stove top, to melt the chips.  Or a microwave, but then you don't need a pan.

But maybe the most important ingredient is in pic 2.

Step 2: Step 1

Put your 1/2 cup of sugar and all the cream cheese in a bowl.

Then blend with a hand mixer until smooth and creamy.

Now that you have this sugary cheesy goodness, split evenly into 2 bowls.  (e.g. put half in your other bowl and leave half in this one).

Step 3: Step 2

Add your cherry filling to one of the cream cheese bowls.  But save some of it for decorating the pie later.

Blend well with your hand mixer until it is a nice mix like the photo;

Step 4: Step 3

Pour the cherry cream cheese mix into your pie crust, and level out. (Hooray for simple steps).

Step 5: Step 4

Put your white chips and milk in a pan, or something microwave friendly, if you are going to use a microwave.  And melt them to something like pic 2.

If you are using a pan and stovetop make sure you stir continually until it melts.  Don't want to end up burning it!

Step 6: Step 5

Now that we have our melted chips, we'll have to move fast to get done before they harden.

Add melted chips to your other mixing bowl of cream cheese and sugar.  Blend well with the hand mixer.

Step 7: Step 6

Quickly pour your melted chips and cream cheese mix over the top of your pie crust.  Level out.  And now the easy part...

Step 8: Step 7

You can decorate your pie with your remaining cherry pie filling.  And once your done channeling your Van Gough, just put your pie in the fridge and leave it overnight.  Or if you're like us, wait for it to cool, then eat it on the spot - lol.

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