White Horse

Introduction: White Horse

I knitted this horse as my friend's birthday gift who was born in a horse year. I wanted to make it look as simple as possible so purposely used only black and white. Its eyes are bolts not buttons which I think make it cuter.



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    4 years ago

    Also, could u post an instructable with the dorections so I can make one? Thanks!!


    4 years ago

    Adorable ! A totally awesome critter for those into horses and riding!!!

    I am gonna make it! It kind of looks like my picture.

    So cute! I love your knitted horse! Wish I could make that.

    What a beautiful horse! Is there a way I can get directions for it or could we get a model for fundraising for our charity horse rescue? The horses we rescue are white, too!

    This horse is just adorable!!! He practically looks like he could come to life and save the day!

    1 reply

    Hello Metrica,

    haha, thank u~. For me he looks our good soul mate rather than a super hero :D

    Hello scoochmaroo,
    Thank u! Personally I really like this horse so am glad you wrote a comment on this :)